Gaeta has improved its touristic reception service, paying special attention to groups that will get to Gaeta by bus, with reserved free parking areas.
For the above mentioned vehicles it would be useful to make a reservation, filling in and sending the form in the “Booking” section; the information provided will be useful in order to improve the purposes relating to visitors reception and town viability.
Free movement of buses in town will be possible until 4pm. This decision will help tour operators and agencies to better reach historical sites, monuments and museums: local police from 4pm will start the viability plan. This plan requires that buses will circulate until Villa delle Sirene, which will be the point of collection for hop-off and hop-on operations of tourists. These operations will be supported by local police agents, who will help and make everything safer and easier.


These vehicles will also need to make a reservation, filling-in and sending the form in the “Booking” section. Tourists that will get to Gaeta by caravan will be able to park in the “Spaltoni” area, located at the feet of Monte Orlando. This, which requires a daily cost of 15 €, does not provide services.


Vehicles carrying persons with disabilities, provided with valid badges in European format, related with the vehicle in use, prior examination, will be authorized to make use of the free parking located in the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base until availability.


Parking within the municipal area will be subject to the conditions imposed by street signs. Parking is free of charge within Piazzale “Salvatore Bisbiglia”, located in Calegna.


Public toilets will be installed in Piazza XIX Maggio, near the Christmas Market. Also there will be a self-cleaning automatic public toilet, suitable for people with disabilities, installed in Lungomare Caboto, in front of the City Hall. Chemical toilets will be located in the following areas:
3 chemical toilets in Villa delle Sirene
2 chemical toilets close to the Gran Guardia
1 chemical toilet in Molo Santa Maria


For further details, get in contact with us at: Pro loco Gaeta and Punto IAT –
Tel +39 320.0380413
Monday to Sunday 10am-12.30pm
Tuesday and Friday 3pm-5.30pm
Our office is located in Via Firenze n. 2 (at the corner of Via Piave) – tel. +39 0771.465054

During the event Info points will be located in the following spots:
Piazza della Libertà pre-holidays and holidays 3pm-9pm from december 22th to january 6th every day 3pm-9pm
Villa delle Sirene pre-holidays and holidays 4pm-8pm
– Piazza XIX Maggio open every day and holidays 4pm-8pm – saturday and holidays 10,30am – 1.30pm /4pm – 8pm


Further details available at:

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Translation by Romina Simmons